The Great Escape

Icy cool water, blue skies, bright sunshine, wonderful pine trees and rocky landscapes plus fresh blueberries, hot buttery lobsters, smores over a campfire - another wonderful 10 days away experiencing "america"and in particular the wonderful state of Maine. Friendly people who went out of their way to talk to us - it was refreshing. Cooking over the camp fire was mostly relaxing when Maxie Man was off chasing a dog, a ball or a firefly. We were able to connect with our wonderful friends and Max's Godmother and we ended the week back at Camp Legare celebrating the Electrician's birthday. It was a lovely happy day. Everyone happy, Kids playing, Grandma making sure everyone tried her treats, TV on noggin, Ipods on Jonas, ladder out of the pool, nothing broke, nobody got bitten by wasps, the boyos solving the world's problems. All we were missing was our baseball champ and his lovely friend. For me and Ellen it was a day where we realized a family is made up in so many ways.

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ellen said...

wait til he's 14 and looking at not the bare butt's the hat! whilst you're showing the girl, he's wanting to drop the computer! I saved Shane's hat that was similiar to this one...great minds think alike!