JoAnnA Pierotti

How is it that you can become good friends with someone that you have known for almost two years but only set eyes on once? ... the internet, art, and breast cancer.

We started corresponding in 2006 and it was ArtFest4theSoul (now known as Art Is...) in 2007 where she got her teaching feet wet. Soon after we started corresponding, JoAnnA found she had breast cancer, so October 2007 became a goal for her to meet and she did. Great joy it was the day that we were able to meet and then to see the joy she brought to her students was an added bonus.

She is back again this year teaching assemblage classes (with her one of a kind famous dolls) and tattered threads!

Her work brings me great joy and I am the proud collector (horder) of some of her pieces. Her latest work - her little dresses are set to inspire the mixed media audience.

Meet JoAnnA Pierotti

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