It was 11.58 and he was gone. Up the stairs of the little yellow bus. Big yellow M&M backpack handed to his carer - Jennifer. Dressed in his new orange M&M t shirt, little shorts, his favorite sandals. Strapped into the car seat he blew his standard kisses (lots of major lip puckering blowing kisses), said his good byes with his backward hand wave. Then after about twenty two 3 point turns in the driveway, the little yellow bus turned and was away. I was left stranded with mixed emotions. A huge day in his little life, lots to learn on his new adventure and all without me...and the other emotion - take a guess....I forgot to take the PHOTO!!!!!!!!!

This week really began on Friday 4th July as we headed up to Camp Legare for three days with the Goddess, Big Kev and their wonderful brood who have entwined themselves into my heart where I can hold them close. We came bearing a few gifts...we shopped at our favorite Walmart and picked up a breadmachine so the Goddess can make bread every day for her brood and after she got over the shock of trying to fit another kitchen appliance on her bench, I presented to her a special little piece of art from my heart. My Goddess is so incredibly talented and I am so wonderfully lucky to have found her.

Unfortunately when we stay at Camp Legare, we always seem to find the rain and bring it with us! It certainly doesn't dampen our spirits - the teaching of French cricket in the rain being one achievement but it did cancel our big Tag Sale that we were excited about attending. Instead of the tag sale, we went to the indoor market and collected a few "treasures".

Back to camp again for the setup of the highly anticipated chocolate fountain!


J-Man: What happens when we are finished?

Sal: We wash and clean the fountain.

J-Man: Does it have to go home with you?

Sal: We could let it have a summer holiday at Camp Legare if you like?

J-Man/Z2 (in unison): Works for me!

The sun broke through the clouds on Sunday morning just in time for us to go home! The kids camped out with us and announced that there was a Bear at Camp Legare. After close analysis it was agreed the bear could have been the Engineer having enjoyed a few beers.

We left Camp Legare with cuddles, kisses and promises to play again soon.

July 4 in America is much like January 26 in Australia - a day where we all seem to take the time to enjoy being Australians and celebrate the birth of our Nation.

Waving, displaying, raising the flag is something that "the Americans" do really well. As we drove home in the traffic with all the other families returning from their weekend of celebrations with family and friends, we passed homes with flags in their flower pots and gardens.

Flags flew on poles, across overpass bridges, on car aerials...they were everywhere and it truly was a wonderful site. Just Gorgeous!

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