Mum's the Word!

Of course in America this comes with the celebration that we are now becoming accustomed to! Many of my girlfriends are being treated to spas, nights away in 5 star hotels, golfing weekends and luxurious gifts. Then there are others like The Goddess (a magnificent Mother) who has by default become the hostess of the day and is busy preparing her Mother's Day luncheon. But me, when asked what I would like?....I don't want to make the coffee in the morning, I don't want to fold the washing, I want Flossy to have a room where you can see the floor boards (because all the clothes have been picked up) and finally, I want to go to Elephant Trunk Market all on my own and come home to a house that is not trashed.....Let us see what happens!

Meanwhile I want to wish some of my favorite Mothers a happy day:

Nanny - more and more each day I realize I am a chip off the "old" block and I embrace this!

Mum - Bring on October when we can do Art together. Living in New York has been hard but in a funny way it has brought me and my mum a lot closer and for that I am grateful.

Bailey's - My sister - I miss our cups of tea and your steadfast calm which works so well with my heart on the sleeve way of life.

Sa - My other sister - I wish our boys were growing up together.

Kez - KFC doesn't taste the same without you.

VC - I have made one quilt in five years...but every Christmas it reminds me of you.
SF - I don't drink Stolle's here on principal ... they can only be drunk at your house.

Happy Mother's Day Girls - enjoy your moment in the spotlight, because come Monday the bulb will probably blow and you will have to change it!

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