Through the eyes of Max

Sometimes you need to stop and breathe in the air…that would be the air of excitement and joy of a little boy who was going on his first trip to NYC.


Max and I sat down the morning of our Field Trip and we planned where we wanted to go...Armed with our google map with all the destinations marked, we boarded our train with glee and a desire that the next stop would be Grand Central…even an express train when you are Max…is not fast enough!

Arriving at Grand Central, the first words out of his mouth were “Marty tried to catch the train and Alex stopped him” … unless you are a movie buff you may not know the Madagascar characters Max is referring to but I was suitably impressed until he tried out how big an echo he could get from shouting!!


Nintendo World and of course his friend Super Mario was our first stop!  He was visibly shaking with delight when I took this photo.  The anticipation palpable.


He had an amazing time because it was 9.00am and we were virtually the only ones in the store.  All the big kids (that would be the guys working in the store) chatted to him, discussed tactics and showed him tricks. 


Let’s get comfy shall we?


Now to try out the 12 games situated at the gaming table…


Then onto a new love…SONIC…apparently this is what he wants to dress as for next year’s Halloween!


M&M World and a quick Mum “take my picture” shot!


An intense stop of color, light, sound and wonderfully….elevators and escalators – next to the M&M’s they were probably the next favorite thing.

 IMG_9107 IMG_9112

Max got on board the “What M&M are you” machine and just take a look at what came up!!


Then it was on to Toy's R US where we rode the really really cheap….not…Ferris Wheel! 

IMG_9114 IMG_9121

McDonalds Time Square was where we met up with Daddy…of course Neil is not going to miss the opportunity of having a McDonalds lunch.  Timed beautifully to occur just before the peak hour, so we got a seat and time to sit and enjoy the experience…


We had a quick pit stop IMG_9132at the Disney store where we found one of our very favorite friends who of course had to come home with us and then it was on to Dad’s work where all the girls thought he was pretty cute…Max that is…


Sat at Dad’s desk…a standard photo that we now have for both kids…although Rose was about 1 year old when she had hers taken!


Then down to Bryant Park where I wanted to shop at all the amazing little stores they have set up and Max wanted to ice skate!  We decided that would have to be on another field trip.


But a trip into NYC would not be complete without one final activity which is a bit of fun…and that is to stand in opposite corners of the grandest hallways and marvel how our voices carried so we could hear each other talking.  Getting Max to actually whisper was another feat in itself but totally worth the giggle I got when he heard me talk back!


The train trip home was thankfully in off-peak so it was only me and a few grannies that had to deal with the “beep bop” sounds of sonic the hedgehog.


It has been a crazy busy 12 months and I have a few stories still to share but I took a day this week to enjoy the fact that even though it wasn’t Sunday, I was in New York with my son.

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Colleen said...

What a heartwarming post Sal! So glad you got to spend time with Max!