A host always dresses when company comes

Ellen and I recently had the opportunity to host the first of what we hope will be many, small art party’s at The Homestead.  It seemed fitting that our first party teacher should be Pamela Huntington who we did not know four years ago and now can’t imagine our Art Is… life without her. 

When so many doubted us and our plans to create the unique East Coast Art Retreat that is now enjoyed by so many, Pamela stepped up, supported us, had faith in us and in turn we benefited from her friendship and her extraordinary talent.

So Saturday was no different.  The tables were set with the wonderful kits that Pamela has become known for.  The fridge was full with a lovely lunch and the air conditioners were on…

The sisterhood began to arrive and with hugs, kisses and screams of delight, we found our coffee, our cake and our place at the table for the next few hours.

IMG_5392 IMG_5391

A collective sigh of relief could be heard from many of us, as we started to unwind, forget (albeit) briefly about our world outside and we started to focus on a little world within our hands.

IMG_5393 IMG_5417

Why does it take so long for us to realize that we need to do this?  That we need to come together to laugh, to tell stories, to cry, to congratulate successes and to support concerns.

IMG_5395 IMG_5416

It is an over the counter tonic that is free to us all without prescription and without strings attached.

A feeling of peace flowed through my body and out into my fingers and I do not doubt my sisterhood were experiencing the same simple joys as I.


I felt grounded.  I felt a harmony that I had been missing. 

I belong to this Sisterhood of the Traveling Paints.  A sisterhood that is open to anyone who comes knocking on the door.  A sisterhood that accepts those who can use a heat gun without burning their fingers as well as those who glue their embellishments upside down.

Art in the Garden with Pamela was a glimpse into the world that Ellen and I have created (with the help of our wonderful faculty) here.

I hope that by sharing my words and photos with my friends and family back home that they too gain a glimpse into the world I live in right now but acknowledge that you are always in my heart of hearts.


Love Sallianne

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Patty said...

Is it any wonder we all love you so much?