Dear Max,

081201 December-1

I thought I should write down a few things I think your Grampi would want you to remember.

  • Never sit still but always have a stool handy if you need to.
  • Know how to mend a roof or train others to do it for you.
  • Tell stories and make sure you tell the same one more than once.
  • Love your sons, because they will mend your roof.
  • Love your daughters, for they will remember your birthday.
  • Be a leader, for everyone has to listen to the leader.
  • Play music, in tune or out of tune - it doesn't matter.
  • Go fishing and eat everything you catch.
  • Talk to the birds, they will always listen.
  • Make a meal from nothing and save it for a rainy day.
  • Paint with your heart, or with vegemite or whatever is available at the time.
  • Always laugh, the loudest.
  • Be Bold, for from boldness comes success.
  • Don't stop dreaming, it helps you to be bold.

Today, our hearts are broken into a million pieces. 

But it is the little piece of Grampi in each of our hearts that will help us to go forward in life knowing that the impossible is always possible - because Grampi said so.

Love your mum xx


Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

Grampi's words ring true for whatever age you are. I especially like the precaution to love your sons and daughters. Obviously he did so and did so well, judging by the level of love shown by all of you. God bless you, Grampi and may you rest with the angels.

ellen said...

What a lovely tribute to Grampi...what a lovely letter for Max, for Rosie, for all of Grampi's kids. You're a very special person, my friend...

inventivesoul said...

I just read your post, I loved this list of Grampi's life lessons.
Some remind me of my own grandfather's views ans ways of being.

I laughed out loud for a few of them!

Thank you for posting this for us to see.


Dawn Gold said...

Beautiful a perfect tribute and wise words for Max

elizabeth said...

love this...every word, Sal!