Has it really been a week?

It is 6.36am on Saturday morning and I sit, waiting for the massive snow storm that was supposedly coming.  It is at these early hours (I have been getting up at 4am) that I think about my Dad and how he would rise early to start his day.  It is very peaceful at this hour and allows me to breathe. 

Today is meant to be a big day.  Max starts (mummy and me) swimming lessons – I am so excited about getting into my cozzie on a day that is meant to be below zero.  Rose is performing in a local production – she is an old lady that sleeps on stage for the most part of the show – obviously her ability to fake sleep has been discovered.  Then it is off to her school for a dress rehearsal with all the girls for their school production leaving the boys to trash the place play.

This time last Saturday I was dressed and ready to rock and roll with my art girls at “heART of winter” in Warwick.  It has become a much anticipated tradition of ours to attend Jen’s shows every Winter and Spring and catch up with all the girls.EA1

The 3rd annual "heART of winter" was a fabulous gathering of art, and artful spirits. The Girls - Artists Laurie Meseroll, Jennifer Lanne, Diana Card, Nicole Bowen, Jill Wiener and Dara DiMagno were in attendance...adding their style and savvy to the show.


I am now the lucky owner of one of Dara’s necklaces – given to me by the Engineer on Dec 22…and I am yet to have a day when I don’t wear it.


Jen and her team created the most wonderful world within the charming Warwick Antique Barn.


Me, and the talented Mrs Pom, Earth Angel Laurie Meseroll and gorgeous (and quietly talented) Kathy Nesi….just moments before this beautiful girl below was packed into my car and taken to her new home with Mrs Pom.  It was just like watching a little girl get her first barbie doll. 

The Knitting Mermaid – at 36 x 48 she now welcomes all visitors to her new home and how lucky is Mrs. Pom that no matter what kind of day she has had, this is what she sees the moment she walks in the door – the best tonic a girl could ask for!

So now it is 7.05 and nobody is awake…still…which is actually a record.  I am on to my 3rd cup of coffee…living in NY will do that to you, so I will bid farewell for now and go and find my cozzie…hoping that it has not perished in all the wrong places.

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Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

I am missing all my art girls today. But I'm looking forward to tomorrow! I would bring Mermaid girl, but she probably won't fit in the Mini!

WE didn't get the snow, but Mystery Man in Md. has over twenty inches and counting...yikes!