Art Doll Workshop

Desktop Sunday, 14 March
9:00 - 4:00 pm
Danbury Plaza Hotel, 18 Old Ridgebury Road, Danbury, CT
This class is suitable for any level, including beginners

The Cobbler's Daughter lives in an old ramshackle house in a small seaside village. She lives with her father, the Cobbler and helps him each day repair the shoes of the villagers...

The Cobbler's Daughter was created by Ellen and exhibited at the International Quilt Festival in the first year that they had a doll exhibition, curated by vibrant doll maker Elinor Peace Bailey. The doll was also published in the first edition of Stampington and Company's Art Doll Quarterly.

In 2003 she reinvented herself and discovered her Inner Goddess

Goddess (4791 x 6588)


  1. A female being of supernatural powers or attributes believed in and worshipped by a people
  2. A female being believed to be the source of life and being worshipped as the principal deity
  3. A woman of superior charms and excellence.
  4. A female deity

In this class we are reminded how throughout the ages women have nurtured and healed the universe. We take time to discover and nourish the goddess that lurks within. In this class we will celebrate your goddess with construction methods that vary from simple shapes that can be embellished to more complex designs.

Choose from many pattern pieces or develop your own. You'll be amazed seeing the spirit of the dolls take shape as you learn to stuff,create the face, hair and costume. Just by manipulating fabric and embellishment, there will be no 2 alike. 
Regally standing at approximately 23 inches, it matters not whether you wish to create a daughter of a cobbler or indeed strip her bare...there is a goddess in us all and Ellen has a magical way of helping you find her.

This class is designed for everyone, not just doll makers.

It's a great way to remind us how to let our hair down and play.

Join Us.

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