Quilts for Babies

Three years ago we were blessed.Max 060323 01

Every year we make a point to visit those who played a role in ensuring that our blessing thrived.  This year we received a wonderful parcel, hand delivered by Gran.  My mum has a beautiful friend who is a most wonderful quilter.  Clare created all of these most magnificent quilts.

IMG_1876 IMG_1883 IMG_1878IMG_1882 IMG_1880IMG_1879   IMG_1877

Each one made with beautiful fabrics and sewn with love.  Aren’t they gorgeous!!

I have a quilt for each of my babies, given to me at the time of their birth.  Each are treasured.  Knowing that my baby was wrapped in their quilt gives me great comfort.  Max was gifted with a beautiful quilt that he still uses today.

So off we went down to the NICU at Albert Einstein to visit everyone and deliver our gifts.


They were accepted with great joy and delight and I have no doubt that the mothers who are blessed with one of these quilts will love and treasure theirs as much as a I do mine.


Thank you Clare

Love Sal xx

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