Summer – Part A


It has been a full month of activity and the month is not yet over.  The month started with about 20 Engineers arriving on our doorstep.  I wonderful impetus to get my garden finally finished.

On his arrival Uncle Glen was immediately shown his To Do List.  Over the past seven days he has achieved most of this list in between “doing” the museums, art galleries and playing hide and seek with Maxie Man.

IMG_0151 IMG_0275  IMG_0273 IMG_0270  

Hot on his heels was the arrival of Red, J Man, Z Man and the Goddess.  How do you manage to come for three days yet pack for 30?


The premise of this visit was the JONAS BROTHERS concert at Nassau Coliseum.

IMG_1525   IMG_1540 IMG_1537 IMG_1538 IMG_1539  IMG_1604IMG_1605  

The following day the skies opened up and it poured and poured and everyone went stir crazy


So we went bowling…and Max thought that every go was his go and every lane was his lane.  A relaxing, enjoyable afternoon…would have been choosing to stay home.


Wednesday the skies cleared and there was great rejoicing because the team (Z Man, Uncle Glen, the engineer and Flossy) were off to the baseball at the new Yankee stadium.

 IMG_0007 IMG_0143


Whilst they were at the stadium, we went to Christmas Tree Shoppe – how thankful we are that someone invented this store.  We came away with a trunk load of glorious goodies yet somehow did not get one thing on the Art Is… list that we had planned to get?

This dilemma was easily solved.  The Baseball team came home, dinner was prepared for everyone and then the Goddess and I disappeared.  This time to Home Goods – another little slice of heaven which enables you to have a home like Martha without spending the big bucks

Thank you Uncle Glen for my new garden, purple door, safety fence, repaired dryer, repaired oven and for the eternal call we now have every morning “Uncle Glen…where are you?”!

We just loved helping Uncle Glen.

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