Martine’s Fine Bake Shoppe


This is my most favorite place in the world. This is where my dearest friend Joyce and I spend most mornings solving the world’s problems…and hopefully a few of our own.

Perhaps it is the rows and rows of delicious cookies?



Or the cakes that prove I should give up baking!


Maybe it is the cupcakes that really look like real flowers?


Or is it the pastries that remind me of Lindfield Cake Shop?


Possibly the cheesecakes?


But it could be the strawberry poppets….


But today I think I will just be a tart and have it all!


The goddess has now discovered it and Mrs Pom’s taste buds are watering at the thought of her first encounter.

If you are a local – GO.  If you are not, oh well…more for us!


Dawn said...

Looks soooooo yummy!
Eat something for me next time!
Dawn @ (4:53 am)

Festive Fibers said...

Now THAT's a fruit tart! SA, My birthday is in a couple of weeks, and I am planning on having cake and champagne with friends, I told Tom one of the cakes I want to have is a big fruit tart, like the kind I used to get in NY and NJ. Since we have been here I have not seen a ONE! This tart is beyond beautiful!
See you soon

ellen said...

first this!