Campaign of Life

Ok so I am going to knock all your socks off....I actually did some art for me!

Appropriately made today on Memorial Monday while Neil heaved soil and timber into the back yard and Max tried to help..........

When telling Neil about the art challenge, I was "lucky" enough to receive a detailed summary of the meaning behind medals, ribbons, stars and so on. What struck a chord for me was that each medal/ribbon generally represents a Campaign.

So I decided that when the time comes....I should be decorated with the Campaign of Life Award.

Consisting of a glittery heart...because I am known to wear my heart anywhere but inside and covered up! A cross because my faith keeps me on the straight and narrow (and believe me some days it is pretty narrow!) and then a simple statement that I do hope to be true: She Gave Back. The blue ribbon represents the fact that I think we all come first in our race and the gold star because I am a lover of gold stars and growing up I didn't really ever get that many...which brings me to the fact of really how hard is it to give somebody agold star?

Not hard at all and yet, it can have such a profound effect on the receiver. The lace is a "find" from Elephant Trunk, the heart, cross and pendant originally from my dear E.

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