How to Ring your Sister

Ok Bails I hear you struggle with the time difference so here is a little schedule now that Daylight Saving is over:

  • 3pm NYC = 5am SYD (I guess I would be talking to P or EE at this time)

  • 4pm NYC = 6am SYD (still EE and P although Gran might grab the phone)

  • 5pm NYC = 7am SYD (somebody? anybody?)

  • 6pm NYC = 8am SYD (assuming that we want to be on time for school, no calls will be made in this hour)

  • 8pm NYC = 10am SYD (you have collected your coffee from french patisserie and are home enjoying the peace...good time to call) and so it is for the next 3 hours then...

  • 11pm NYC = 1pm SYD (no chance talking to Sal....only chance is talking to Neil...if he is home)

  • 5am NYC = 7pm SYD (no chance of talking to Neil. High chance of Max picking up the phone and having a chat)

  • 10am NYC = 12am SYD (every chance of Gran talking to Sal because she is up sending Jackie Lawson cards to anyone who has given her an email address)

Failing all of this - look to the left....see those two clocks?

I put those there just for you!

Love you


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