What can you achieve in a month?

We learnt to click, drag, and drop.

We had ice cream treats!

We caught up on the Jonas Brothers...

We learnt to give our Dad a back scratch!

We became the storage center for snowboarding travellers from Australia!

We discovered our big sister's Fashion Polly Box of delights!

We ran a doll display at Pepsi Co - during Black History month.

We visited a wonderful exhibition - Fiber + Thread = Art being held at the Mahopac Library. My dear friend Kathi has her mixed media quilt in the show! Below is her "Blue Yonder".

But what has really kept me away from updating family and friends, is this! Art Is...You 2009 was launched in early March and the enthusiasm toward our event is superb. I only wish my girls back home could join us in October.

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