Happy Valentines Day

We have had a happy week here in NY and these last few days the most happy! We spent Valentines Day in CT with our favorite CT family!

First we were all spoilt with lovely treasures - check the excitement on the Engineer's face when he opened his very own GI Joe! I am so excited! He has proudly displayed it on the "treasure mantle" he has created in our dining room!

Then there were the treats for Flossy! Because I apparently stifle her creative talents (by refusing to have jonas brother posters on her windows), my darling friend created Transparent Jonas Brothers!! Hooray!

Now we have the boys everywhere. Of course the large sized Nutella was met with equal delight - Ellen has shown Flossy how to make Nutella Crossiants in the oven!

In keeping with the Jonas Brothers infatuation...we presented Red with her very own Fan Club book and the girls enjoyed their time flipping through the pages and chatting about which photo they liked best.

Max of course was bored with all this and wanted to have a swim in Boompa's pool. But what happens in the winter to the pool....to his initial suprise but subsequent delight, Max discovered you can go ice skating on it!

Ellen taught me how to cook ribs! and as a result, we enjoyed a divine dinner/lunch of baked then BBQ'd pork ribs, yams, salad and costco rolls (you can never only have one). This was all washed down with caramel coated brownies, a little Pino/Beer/Pink Lemonade (depending on your age!) while watching the NFL (boys), while playing American Girl (little girls), while playing art (big girls), while catching a few zzzz's (little boy)!

Now it is Sunday morning, I am enjoying the peace while The Engineer and Mighty Max are rocking it out at Madison Square Garden with Ernie, Big Bird, Oscar and Elmo.

Oh to be a fly on that backpack!

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