Thanksgiving A Celebration for All

T'was the day before Thanksgiving and all through the town, every creature was stirring and running around!

Well, nearly everyone! I left Rose to "babysit" Maxie Man while I braved "it" at Stew Leonards with every other last minute Diva. The ritual of thanksgiving dinner is wonderful and a place like Stew's makes sure you have enough of everything!!

(these are for Baileys)

Do you think the trolley is going to cave in?

Yes, Bing was singing in the background!

and then for those (like me) who wish to get a jump start on the next celebration, you don't have far to look for the basic requirements!

( these photos are for mum)

Thanksgiving is one celebration that I will continue to celebrate in the years to come. Crossing all denominations and all nationalities and unifies young with old and families with friends.

As I write today there arethousands of kitchens across the country bustling with families as they prepare for tomorrow. If you would like to see our menu, we will be spending the day with The Goddess and like many before her, she has the meal planned right down to the last string bean!

Tomorrow we will give thanks. But today it is all about who gets the last crab rangoon!....It is a chinese feast of mini proportions (we don't want to be full for tomorrow) to celebrate The Goddess's birthday!

Enjoy your day with your family.


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