Creating Sunday

Well as I sit here and write, the Engineer is cruising down the Grand Canal in a Water Taxi!...He is off for a 10 day visit of Vienna, Genoa, London and on to Windsor. Who goes to Vienna to test glass? That is what I want to know!!

Mr Mischief has just finished his pannies and apple juice and is now watching Blues Clues,

Note how we have to have all the pannies in front of us so we can take a bite out of each. Interesting to watch him eat hot food. I am sure his palette is free from feeling because he loves hot things! Also note the big boy cup which he is handling like a pro.

Flossy meanwhile is exhausted from a hectic 14 year old weekend of sleep overs and babysitting. With the air conditioner blowing full force and the fan on full force, she is wrapped up in her Jonas Brothers doona and dreaming! Oh to be 14 thanks! (I think Mum would agree to that too)

Yesterday was a creating day but not entirely creating what I would have liked. With Flossy as Junior Counsellor at the Musical Theatre camp, I have ended up doing costumes (yes call me Karenne). So we have six purple martins .... the Engineer wanted to know why I had made six Donald Duck heads!...

and then I made tails....three fox, 1 cat, six opossum, six beaver. Then it was onto six turtle shells...Now you will have to wait for photos because the camera is currently cruising down the Grand Canal!

Did you know that Turkey baking trays make great turtle shells!

Finally it was time to do something for me (sort of) so with the inspiration of Jennifer Hayslip via the wonderful Inspiredideas, I made a lovely door sign for Mr Mischief's babysitter. Then it was on to covering 10 laminate discs with papers, birds and quotations in readiness to give away at for an event that is occuring in December this year. My inspiration? The wonderful Melissa and Amy.

Which brings me back to today. Sheets to be washed, turtle shells to be finished and my Kitchen Maid doll to be completed for the East Coast Day with Dolls on August 2nd.

Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be.


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