Happy Birthday Gib

Did you every have an imaginery friend growing up? My brother did. His friend was little gibby (pronounced jibby). Little Gibby went every where with Marcus and lived in his top pocket. I remember Mum could only dress him in t-shirts with top pockets! Then one day Marcus announced that Little Gibby had died, he went out to the garden, buried him, came back and that was the end of his imaginery friend....or so he thought.

I don't think I have called my brother anything else except Gib and apart from the usual young sibling punch ups we have always been good friends and the best part is that he understands me and still loves me!

So today is his birthday and no doubt he will celebrate (or is done celebrating...seeing as it is 9pm Sydney time) with his lovely wife and his two boys the J man and T man.

Happy Birthday Gib.

P.S.....if you are wondering about the note at the top of the page? When life gets busy, the reminder notes just get bigger!

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Lost Aussie said...

Hi, thought I would pop a note in your comment box to say hi...not often that I come across another Aussie living in New York who likes weird artsy stuff!
Nice to find a kindred spirit!