Where is the Stop Button?

Back home from the Bahamas over one week ago and it feels like a life time ago. What a week of sun, laughter and sensory explosion (for Maxamillion).

Birthday Photo! Now I am 2....I am going to climb under the housekeeping cart, run the gauntlet to the elevator and pop down to the foyer for another run and scream (really good echos) before my parents can get the next elevator down to capture me!

It is hard to believe he is two years old. These past two years have flown and for the first time in a long time he is well!

So there is nothing like getting back to the world of washing, ironing, "there's nothing in the fridge Mum", and of course homework. I disliked it the first time and the second time is no better and for some reason much harder! What is a square root again?

Of course my art is taking a back seat which is making me cross! I have one canvas, one board book, a birthday garland and many other bits and pieces on my desk. Not to mention the 45 centerpieces that my girlfriend Kathi and I are coordinating for the school fundraising dinner!

I blame my mother for all of this!! Perhaps if she had sat back and not been P&C President, President of Ladies Auxillary etc etc I would not be running around like a headless chook! Of course if I ring home she is never there, because there is always someone or something that needs creating, developing, designing or quite frankly doing! Gran is the girl for the job!

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JoAnnA Pierotti said...

Happy Birthday Max! You are a big boy now.